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Orphan Pages: What Are They & How to Identify?

Orphan Pages: What Are They & How to Identify?

orphan pages in seo

Sometimes you have to look hard on the Internet to find something. It could be a service you need, a business you want to start, or a gift for your parents. For you to find something there needs to be a link to it.

Think about a search engine as one part of the answer. You can type in one or two keywords to find a landing page related to the page you want. You could also get a direct link from somewhere else, like an email from a friend. Linking is how we get to where we want to go online.

So, what happens when you need to get to a page without links to it? What happens to a website with these pages, and how does it affect SEO? First, let’s talk about these pages: orphan pages. Let’s discuss what makes a page orphaned and why it matters for your orphan pages in seo and content strategy.

What are orphaned pages?

Thinking what is orphan pages? Orphan pages are pages on a website that don’t have any links to them. This means an orphan page is entirely alone, and the only way to get to it is to type in the direct link. In many cases, there is no search engine result because search crawlers use links to move through websites and make an index of what each website looks like.

If your other web pages don’t link to a specific page, that page can’t talk to the outside world. People can’t get to the page when looking at your site. So, the name “orphan” comes from the fact that these pages don’t link back to their parents.

How to find orphan site pages and fix them?

So, how to identify orphan pages? and how to fix orphan page indexing? You can easily find and fix any orphan pages on your site by following these five steps:

  • Get a complete list of all the pages on your site
  • Do a website crawl to find pages with no internal links.
  • Look at the results of the audit.
  • Fix any orphan pages you find.
  • Rerun the audit frequently to find new pages that aren’t linked.

Let’s go over each of these steps quickly.

1) Make a complete list of all the pages on your site.

If you tell your favorite website audit tool to look at your home page, it won’t find orphan site pages because, by definition, orphan pages aren’t linked to any other domain page. The crawler will never see them. Instead, it would help if you told the crawler the complete list of URLs for the sites it should look at. 

2) Do a website crawl to find pages with no internal links.

Set up the audit rule to find pages that don’t have at least one internal link going to them. This will help you find orphan pages. Set up a recurring crawl while setting up the audit to catch any new pages that don’t have links in the future. Note that if you’re using a URL list, you’ll need to get an updated list from your CMS.

3) Look at the results of the audit.

After the inspection is complete, you can return to ContentIQ to view the results. You need to track down the missing pages and figure out what they’re for. Is there evidence that they are actively bringing in customers using referrals, paid to advertise, or social media campaigns? Do they have decent backlinks? How popular is the site’s search function in bringing in visitors? Use your web analytics tool to look at traffic sources, visits, page views, and how people enter and leave your site. 

4) Fix any “orphan” pages you find

Once you know what the orphan page is for and how it helps your website and marketing goals, you can decide if you want to do anything with it:

  • Link to it from other pages on your site if people need to find it through browsing.
  • Save it if you don’t need it anymore.
  • Don’t change it if it serves a business purpose that doesn’t require linking to the page internally.

5) Run the audit repeatedly to find new orphan pages.

If you add new content and forget to link to it or if you remove links to pages deep in the site structure by accident—important it’s to check the site for new problems regularly. As we already said, you can set up ContentIQ to rerun your audit every so often by planning a crawl.


Pages that have no internal links are called “orphan pages.” There are many reasons why your site might have an orphan page. Sometimes it’s for purposes like using a page for a limited-time marketing campaign or a special offer. But you probably didn’t mean to make an orphan page most of the time. Once you find the orphan pages on your website, you must decide what to do with them. You could keep them, throw them away, or put a link to them. Set aside time to do a regular website audit if you don’t want pages that aren’t being used. It will also help you find and fix other problems. If you do this, you’ll make the most of your SEO efforts. You won’t miss out on leads and customers who might pay.

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Google Helpful Content Update

Google Helpful Content Update


Google has revealed a significant improvement to their search ranking algorithm; you guessed it: they called it the “helpful content update.” Next week, Google will begin rolling out a change that would reduce the visibility of information that is “not useful to humans and people.”

The goal of the helpful content update is to remove unhelpful or irrelevant content from search engine results. According to Google, this change would “address content that seems to have been largely designed for ranking well in search engines.” According to Google, “this upgrade will help ensure that low-quality; duplicate content doesn’t rank highly in Search.” This could be a problem if your goal in creating material on the web is to increase its exposure and traffic through search engines.

In the same way that Panda and Penguin a decade ago altered SEO’s content and link tactics, I believe that this Google algorithm update will change how SEOs approach content strategies in the future.

Google Helpful Content Update in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, here is all we know about latest google seo update:

  • Name: Updated Google material is valuable.
  • Launch Date: The release started on August 25.
  • Rollout: The entire rollout will take around two weeks.
  • Completed: On September 9, 2022, 15 days after the upgrade began, it was finally completed.
  • Targets: It prioritizes search engine optimization-focused material over human-centric content.
  • Search Only: This affects Google Search at the moment, not Google Discover or any of the other Google interfaces. Though Google may eventually extend this to Discover and other products, it remains to be seen.
  • Penalty: Though Google didn’t precisely state penalties, the sites affected by this upgrade likely saw a significant drop in traffic.
  • Sitewide: As latest google algorithm affects the entire site, all pages will be affected.
  • Not a core update: While many would mistakenly believe this to be a significant revision, it is not.
  • English Language but will expand: This currently only analyzes English-language content worldwide, but it will most likely grow to include additional languages in the future.
  • Impact: Google did say this update would be “significant,” but they wouldn’t tell me what proportion of queries or searches were affected. Google added that this would significantly impact e-learning resources, video and music services, retailers, and technology-related articles.
  • Recover: You should evaluate your content in light of Google’s recommendations below if you were affected by this.
  • Refreshes: There is a delay period and a validation period, and it may take several months to recover from this modification, even though Google regularly updates the scores here.

Here are few tips from Google to help you put readers first when crafting your content.

  • Avoid going off on tangents and sticking too closely to your main point.

Google may be trying to convey the message that one should specialize in one area. When writing for search engines, publishing articles utterly unrelated to your field is not uncommon. Say you own a website dedicated to sharing recipes and notice a high-volume term associated with skin care. While the article could be helpful for some readers, those who frequent the site just for recipes will probably not find it very interesting or informative.

  • Demonstrate Firsthand Experience

Google encourages its users to only write on topics they are knowledgeable about. Writing about a service or product you haven’t used firsthand isn’t always a bad idea when your primary audience is search engines. Affiliate links provide a commission to the writer and are common in such posts. The text isn’t as helpful as it could be because the author doesn’t know firsthand the area. Make it evident that you have firsthand knowledge of the subject by including your images or insightful observations.

  • Keep your sites focused on one subject at a time.

A website cannot cater to everyone’s needs. This is frustrating for both the site’s visitors and the bots crawling it for relevant content. Create Google update on content that is focused on a single topic. If you want to write about a wide variety of subjects, you can always create several websites.

  • Don’t Forget About The Reader As A Whole

The search engine giant encourages careful consideration of the reader’s experience with this advice. Even if all the conditions above are met, the user experience may fall short of expectations. Take, for instance, the experience of reading a review written by a person with firsthand knowledge of the product, but which does not include any visual aids. The searchers may like the textual information, but the experience would be more enjoyable if the products were shown visually. Satisfy searchers’ demands and needs; don’t leave them looking for more.

As Closing Remarks

The google content update will be released over the following two weeks. To properly evaluate the effect, we should wait till the upgrade is finished. This change initially only applies to searches in English but will roll out to additional languages shortly. Google promises that this isn’t the last time we’ll see a helpful content update from them. In the initial release, Google promised to keep improving its ability to identify harmful information.

See the explainer we put together with all we know about Google’s informative content update for more information.

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Top 5 Eye Specialists in Sheffield, Yorkshire – England

Top 5 Eye Specialists in Sheffield, Yorkshire – England

top 5 eye specialist in Sheffield

The first thing most people do when they notice something is wrong with their eyes makes an appointment with the best eye specialist in Sheffield. However, the phrase “eye doctor” can be vague and misleading because it might refer to one of three different medical specialists.

When should you see an eye doctor?

If your optometrist suspects an issue with your eyes, you’ve recently experienced an eye injury, or you already know you have a problem with your eyes (beyond just having glasses or contacts), you should look into seeing a top eye doctor in Sheffield. With IosAndWeb, you can quickly locate the leading eye specialist near me. After completing their initial four years of medical school, these professionals spend an additional two to four years honing their skills in ophthalmology and optometry. They offer all the same vision care services as an optometrist, such as annual eye exams, help detect irregularities and visual difficulties, treat and manage the course of glaucoma, cataracts, and similar disorders, and deal with eye and eyelid traumas and surgical scenarios. The services of an ophthalmologist are just what the doctor ordered whether you or a loved one are experiencing significant issues with your eyes or if you prefer having a true professional perform your annual exam.

Sheffield, United Kingdom’s Top 5 Eye Doctors

Here is the list of top 5 eye specialists in Sheffield:

Mr. Yashin Ramkissoon

Mr. Yashin Ramkissoon is an experienced ophthalmologist focusing on cataracts and vitreoretinal surgery. The Sheffield institution, The Royal Hallamshire Hospital, is home to his NHS practice. Though he specializes in retinal and cataract surgery, he treats various eye problems.

Mr. Manu Mathew

Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s cornea and external eye disease and glaucoma service are headed by Mr. Manu Mathew, the hospital’s clinical lead and a consultant ophthalmologist. Both the BMI Thornbury in Sheffield and the Alexandra Individual Hospital in Chesterfield provide private consultations with him. Mr. Mathew has extensive training and experience in various ophthalmic procedures, including refractive surgery, glaucoma surgery, and corneal transplants. He is an expert in intraocular contact lens implantation, cataract removal, and LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery.

Mr. Matthew Edwards

Mr. Matthew Edwards is an accomplished consultant ophthalmologist who has focused his career on cataract and corneal surgery, anterior segment surgery, ocular surface disease, and laser and lens-based refractive surgery. Mr. Edwards has extensive training and experience in all forms of eye refractive surgery, including LASIK, LASEK, Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), and Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE).

Mr. Romil Patel

Mr. Patel was born and raised in Derby, where he attended public schools. After attending medical school in Sheffield, he specialized in ophthalmology at hospitals in Nottingham and Derby. He received his extensive education in medical retina and uveitis in the cities of Derby, Nottingham, and Birmingham.

His areas of expertise include retinal medical diseases (such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vein occlusions), uveitis (inflammation of the eye), cataract surgery, and sudden eye problems.

Mrs. Dalia Said

Mrs. Dalia Said is an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor and consultant ophthalmologist at the NHS Trust at Nottingham University Hospital. She focuses on emergency eye care, cornea and ocular surface surgery, cataract and lens replacement, and refractive surgery. She specializes in a wide range of cornea and visual surface procedures, including lamellar and penetrating corneal grafts, collagen crosslinking for keratoconus, pterygium surgery, ocular surface stem cell surgery, and refractive surgery.

Reasons Why You Should Visit an ophthalmologist

If an adult has any of the following signs, they should make an appointment with a private eye specialist in Sheffield:

Loss of Vision

Depending on the underlying cause, vision loss or impairment in one or both eyes may necessitate emergency medical attention. A loss of vision can be brought on by issues with the eyes or the areas of the brain responsible for visual processing. Of course, age increases the prevalence of visual impairment. Causes include cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

Changes in Vision

As your eyesight changes, you may experience visual symptoms like:

  • Sudden spots
  • Shadows
  • Flashes of light
  • Double vision
  • Vision problems, including blurring
  • Jagged lines of light
  • Wavy or watery vision
  • Distortions (such as when observing faces)
  • Luminous haloes

Alterations in vision may indicate the presence of a more significant health issue, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, or a problem with the eyes, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts.


How does one go about describing the work of an ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologists are doctors and surgeons who specialize in treating and repairing eye problems. Optometry doctors specialize in analyzing and treating issues affecting the eyes, visual system, and other structures. Cataract surgery, laser surgery, treatment of ocular diseases like glaucoma and visual impairments including blindness or vision loss, and treatment of eyes injured in accidents are all standard therapies.

What sets an optometrist apart from an ophthalmologist?

Optometrists are doctors of optometry who specialize in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of eye disorders. When optometrists detect eye diseases like glaucoma, they typically send patients to ophthalmologists for further care. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialize in eye care. Ophthalmologists are doctors who specialize in the care of eyes using medicine, surgery, and microsurgery.

What can you expect from a visit to the eye doctor?

Your visit to the ophthalmologist will consist of various phases. They will likely begin by asking about your medical history, including symptoms, diagnoses, and current medications. Next, they’ll conduct a battery of tests to evaluate your eyes’ functionality and make any necessary recommendations.

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Top Eye Specialists in Birmingham

Top Eye Specialists in Birmingham, UK


Eye Care and Optical Adjustments in the City of Birmingham

Our entire team has a combined total of decades of expertise working in optometry. Our highly trained staff can provide all aspects of eye care, including LASIK and the removal of cataracts, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, dry eye, and other eye disorders, utilizing only the most cutting-edge technology and tools. Oculoplastic surgeons and cosmetic specialists at our practice offer surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment options for patients.

Whether you require treatment for an eye ailment or vision correction surgery to eliminate the need for glasses, Birmingham Eye Consultants is the organization you can rely on. The local eye physicians at our clinic in Birmingham have cared for people’s eyes for many years. They promise to provide you with the best care possible.

Are you in need of the services of an eye doctor in the Birmingham area?

To ensure that you can make an educated choice on private treatments, we will provide answers to any of your queries. Finding a best eye specialist in Birmingham isn’t always a walk in the park. As a company that was a pioneer in its field, our mission is uncomplicated: we want to ensure everyone has access to eye care of the greatest possible standard. On the following pages, you’ll learn what makes us unique.

The following are some of the things that set IosAndWeb apart from the other eye clinics in Birmingham:

  • Method based on advice from consultants:

The fact that you will be working directly with an Ophthalmic Consultant from the beginning of this process will make it much simpler for you.

  • Individualized method of medical treatment:

IosAndWeb can provide you with specialized eye care services that can help improve the overall quality of your life.

  • Patient education: 

IosAndWeb helps patients make informed decisions. You will likely come across a diverse selection of articles, videos, animations, and blogs on our website. With the assistance of the information that has been presented to you, you will be able to be ready for your operation and ask questions.

  • Superior attention to detail:

Because the surgeon at top eye hospital in Birmingham has carried out thousands of procedures, they have access to the most advanced technological equipment and an in-depth understanding of the many treatment options.

  • The initial move in the implementation of a brand-new plan has been made.

Our eye specialists are trained to recognize disorders that risk patients’ vision, guide available treatment options, and recommend preventative measures. We work with your primary care physician to diagnose and treat severe eye ailments such as cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, and corneal diseases. We also provide surgical solutions for the treatment of these conditions.

The State of Our Technology

IosAndWeb prioritizes technologicalinnovation.We utilize cutting-edge technology and give patients advanced solutions in the field of eye care to provide our patients with the most favorable outcomes that are reasonably attainable.

Because we have access to cutting-edge technology, we can customize a treatment plan to meet the specific visual requirements of each patient. Additionally, we can give our patients access to innovative tools and innovative solutions and top 15 eye specialist in Birmingham that will assist them in seeing a brighter future.

Our Knowledge

At IosAndWeb, we take great satisfaction in the fact that we can offer you the most advanced and specialized eye therapy available. Our surgeons, who have received board certification, work closely with patients and the physicians who recommend them to assist patients suffering from various vision and eye conditions.

A warm welcome from all of us at vision care in Birmingham

We are grateful that you have decided to view our page. At Birmingham, we are confident that you will receive the necessary attention and support, and we look forward to serving you. Our highly trained doctors and staff will assist you in obtaining and maintaining clear eyesight by evaluating the state of your eye health and the quality of your vision using cutting-edge tools and techniques. Patients from all around the country and even the world receive advanced eye care at our Birmingham location.

A comprehensive eye exam is available to patients of any age, and our staff is qualified to diagnose and treat various eye diseases, conditions, and issues. Patients with problems with their binocular vision or who have difficulties aligning their eyes may benefit from a prism, which we evaluate as part of our comprehensive eye exam. In addition, we have a wide variety of fashionable eyewear and contact lens alternatives for you to choose from.

Because your family’s eyesight and eye health are essential, we would be delighted to meet with you and discuss how we may be of most assistance to you.

As an alternative to other eye care providers, why should you pick Birmingham Eye Consultants?

To successfully bring your vision to life, it is essential to possess the requisite expertise and the most up-to-date tools. You can search eye specialist near me, and our eye physicians are among the best in the world and will give you the most advanced care possible in an atmosphere that is kind and inviting.

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Characteristics of a Good Pediatric Dentist

Characteristics of a Good Pediatric Dentist

Characteristics of a Good Pediatric Dentist

The benefits of regular visits to the best dentist go far beyond having healthy teeth or a beautiful smile. Undergoing regular check-ups is important to take care of your health in general since the state of your mouth affects many other parts of the body, from the digestive system to the immune system.

Characteristics of a good pediatric dentist 

1) Pain control in children: Treatments such as those intended to seal fissures, solve caries in baby teeth (Pulpectomy), remove damaged teeth or placement of dental appliances are annoying and even painful for the patient. Therefore, to carry out the intervention properly, the specialist must know how to deal with children, inspiring confidence and security in them. Many children who come to the consultation show signs of anxiety and stress since their classmates often frighten them with exaggerated stories about what happens if they go to the dentist. On other occasions, they simply come with fear due to the pain they are suffering due to the dental problem they present.

At this moment, when the personality of the dentist must make an appearance, he always shows great empathy and patience so that he manages to calm the patient. In extreme cases in which psychological work with the patient is not sufficient, the alternative should be deep sedation (always with parental consent). A good clinic specialized in pediatric dentistry must always have means and medications that allow deep sedation of the patient so that the dentist can do his job well and the child does not suffer. Sedation consists of a drug that is administered through the nose by putting the child to sleep.

2) Training and support: It goes without saying that every professional in dentistry must have relevant university knowledge. In the case of a pediatric dentist, this competence must be aimed at children. It must also show itself as someone who takes technological advances seriously day by day, expanding its knowledge and how to apply it more and more. However, that the treatment is correct does not only depend on this professional. The children’s dentist must always be supported by a group of assistants such as dental hygienists so that if unforeseen events arise, they can be resolved without complications.

3) Quality clinic and tools: quality pediatric dentistry clinics are the ones that show the most interest in these elements. A clinic with a pleasant atmosphere, in which everything is tidy and clean, is much more stimulating and fun for children. Likewise, the work instruments (probes, suction equipment, drills, tweezers…) must always be in perfect condition and updated in accordance with technological advances.

Worn, dirty or obsolete instruments prevent interventions from being precise and satisfactory. Quality clinics are easy to recognize because, among their services, they often include free Internet in the waiting room, drinks vending machines, television and newspapers.

4) Educator: all dentists must show their patients what hygiene habits they should follow; however, this fact becomes more important when it comes to a pediatric dentist. Children’s dentists have to know how to transmit lovingly, and kindly the way in which children have to brush their teeth since the oral health they present in adulthood depends on these habits.

Reasons to go to the dental clinic

A top dentist may strive to maintain good hygiene, but that is not always enough to keep your mouths in perfect condition. In addition, you must not forget that problems and pathologies can appear that, in the initial stages, do not show important symptoms but should be detected as soon as possible.

For this reason, prevention is essential, and that is where all the benefits of regular visits to the dentist can best be appreciated. Let’s mention just a few of them:

  1. Early detection of oral pathologies

In a routine check-up, the dentist can see any abnormality in the teeth and gums that warns about common problems such as periodontitis, cavities 

or, in more serious cases, oral cancer.

  1. Correction of bad habits

Sometimes you have habits or customs that you are not always aware of, which affect your health. This is the case of bruxism, which generates abnormal wear of the teeth or neck and headaches. The dentist can stop your symptoms from an early stage by recommending the use of a discharge splint and following up on the patient.

  1. Improve rest

Some sleep problems may be related to the mouth. One of them is bruxism; another is sleep apnea. The dentist can also diagnose the latter and, in less serious cases, start treatments with devices specially designed to open the airways.

  1. Avoid health problems

Gum disease, over time, causes tooth loss, and this can lead to digestive problems. In addition, the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth can pass into the bloodstream and reach organs and joints.

The dentist helps control these types of situations and remedy them, preventing them from generating major health problems.

  1. Increase self-esteem

A healthy and well-groomed mouth and a beautiful smile are two of the best letters of introduction for any person. They are also very important to feel good about yourself. Regular visits to the dentist help to ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition and avoid problems that can cloud your social relationships, such as bad breath or halitosis.

  1. Improve the quality of life

Healthy teeth allow you to speak well, eat everything and smile without limit. The result is a better state of health and mood that, in the long run, has a positive influence on life expectancy.

         8.Improve the relationship with the dentist

Any doctor-patient relationship has a fundamental basis, which is trust. And that trust can only be acquired if both know each other. Regular visits to the dentist reduce anxiety and make treatment easier.

         9.Save money

If you take care of your dental health by regularly going to the dentist, your mouth will be more protected. In the end, you won’t be paying for big treatments for problems that could have been fixed more easily and cheaply.

These are just some of the benefits of regular visits to the dentist. If you want to take care of yourself, pamper your health and improve your well-being, don’t forget it. 

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