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Characteristics of a Good Pediatric Dentist

Characteristics of a Good Pediatric Dentist

The benefits of regular visits to the best dentist go far beyond having healthy teeth or a beautiful smile. Undergoing regular check-ups is important to take care of your health in general since the state of your mouth affects many other parts of the body, from the digestive system to the immune system.

Characteristics of a good pediatric dentist 

1) Pain control in children: Treatments such as those intended to seal fissures, solve caries in baby teeth (Pulpectomy), remove damaged teeth or placement of dental appliances are annoying and even painful for the patient. Therefore, to carry out the intervention properly, the specialist must know how to deal with children, inspiring confidence and security in them. Many children who come to the consultation show signs of anxiety and stress since their classmates often frighten them with exaggerated stories about what happens if they go to the dentist. On other occasions, they simply come with fear due to the pain they are suffering due to the dental problem they present.

At this moment, when the personality of the dentist must make an appearance, he always shows great empathy and patience so that he manages to calm the patient. In extreme cases in which psychological work with the patient is not sufficient, the alternative should be deep sedation (always with parental consent). A good clinic specialized in pediatric dentistry must always have means and medications that allow deep sedation of the patient so that the dentist can do his job well and the child does not suffer. Sedation consists of a drug that is administered through the nose by putting the child to sleep.

2) Training and support: It goes without saying that every professional in dentistry must have relevant university knowledge. In the case of a pediatric dentist, this competence must be aimed at children. It must also show itself as someone who takes technological advances seriously day by day, expanding its knowledge and how to apply it more and more. However, that the treatment is correct does not only depend on this professional. The children’s dentist must always be supported by a group of assistants such as dental hygienists so that if unforeseen events arise, they can be resolved without complications.

3) Quality clinic and tools: quality pediatric dentistry clinics are the ones that show the most interest in these elements. A clinic with a pleasant atmosphere, in which everything is tidy and clean, is much more stimulating and fun for children. Likewise, the work instruments (probes, suction equipment, drills, tweezers…) must always be in perfect condition and updated in accordance with technological advances.

Worn, dirty or obsolete instruments prevent interventions from being precise and satisfactory. Quality clinics are easy to recognize because, among their services, they often include free Internet in the waiting room, drinks vending machines, television and newspapers.

4) Educator: all dentists must show their patients what hygiene habits they should follow; however, this fact becomes more important when it comes to a pediatric dentist. Children’s dentists have to know how to transmit lovingly, and kindly the way in which children have to brush their teeth since the oral health they present in adulthood depends on these habits.

Reasons to go to the dental clinic

A top dentist may strive to maintain good hygiene, but that is not always enough to keep your mouths in perfect condition. In addition, you must not forget that problems and pathologies can appear that, in the initial stages, do not show important symptoms but should be detected as soon as possible.

For this reason, prevention is essential, and that is where all the benefits of regular visits to the dentist can best be appreciated. Let’s mention just a few of them:

  1. Early detection of oral pathologies

In a routine check-up, the dentist can see any abnormality in the teeth and gums that warns about common problems such as periodontitis, cavities 

or, in more serious cases, oral cancer.

  1. Correction of bad habits

Sometimes you have habits or customs that you are not always aware of, which affect your health. This is the case of bruxism, which generates abnormal wear of the teeth or neck and headaches. The dentist can stop your symptoms from an early stage by recommending the use of a discharge splint and following up on the patient.

  1. Improve rest

Some sleep problems may be related to the mouth. One of them is bruxism; another is sleep apnea. The dentist can also diagnose the latter and, in less serious cases, start treatments with devices specially designed to open the airways.

  1. Avoid health problems

Gum disease, over time, causes tooth loss, and this can lead to digestive problems. In addition, the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth can pass into the bloodstream and reach organs and joints.

The dentist helps control these types of situations and remedy them, preventing them from generating major health problems.

  1. Increase self-esteem

A healthy and well-groomed mouth and a beautiful smile are two of the best letters of introduction for any person. They are also very important to feel good about yourself. Regular visits to the dentist help to ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition and avoid problems that can cloud your social relationships, such as bad breath or halitosis.

  1. Improve the quality of life

Healthy teeth allow you to speak well, eat everything and smile without limit. The result is a better state of health and mood that, in the long run, has a positive influence on life expectancy.

         8.Improve the relationship with the dentist

Any doctor-patient relationship has a fundamental basis, which is trust. And that trust can only be acquired if both know each other. Regular visits to the dentist reduce anxiety and make treatment easier.

         9.Save money

If you take care of your dental health by regularly going to the dentist, your mouth will be more protected. In the end, you won’t be paying for big treatments for problems that could have been fixed more easily and cheaply.

These are just some of the benefits of regular visits to the dentist. If you want to take care of yourself, pamper your health and improve your well-being, don’t forget it. 

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