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Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

Today we are going to talk about SEO mistakes because we all want to be on the first page of search engine results.

The dream of any website page seo consultant is to take their clients to a privileged position in Google or Bing, and yet, many continue to attack this and commit serious SEO mistakes.

There are common SEO errors or “vices” when performing optimization tasks on the content of a site, which can represent considerable risks not only for the ranking of the page but also for its stability and existence of the same.

So if you want to boost your website or online store and have the best Seo Services consultant, make sure it doesn’t have embarrassing errors like the following…

Common mistakes in SEO

  1. Overuse keywords

This sure mistake has been very common for many of you. You are starting with your personal website or that of your company or online business, and you decide that the best way to go up in the search engines is to cram with keywords because “this is what people are looking for”.

And while keywords are an extraordinary tool for SEO, you have to know how to use them correctly and without abusing them, as any SEO consultant would tell you.

The use of long-tail searches is essential:

For example, you must avoid generic keywords; there are millions of sites using them, so you will not see their fruits.

It is best to be specific and appeal to the attributes that distinguish you. It is better to use “gluten-free Italian cook” as a keyword rather than “Italian chef”.

Another flaw in this matter is unnecessary repetition. 

Keep the natural wording of the text, and use them when it is prudent and when it really deserves it.

  1. Not feeding off analytical tools

Search engines offer powerful instruments to measure the success of your seo page speed optimization and detect errors in the process. Surprisingly, many still do not use these tools, such as Google Analytics or the Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Configuring your website using these tools directs us immediately, and we avoid taking blind steps seeking to multiply the number of visitors. Harnessing this feedback is vital to succeeding on the web.

If you have tried but you cannot hit the nail on the head with analytics, remember that it is always better to have a professional in the field, so it is not too much to get a Seo Specialist and thus boost your local business.

  1. Repeat post titles and descriptions

It is not uncommon to see pages that have the same title in all of their entries (or in most of them). This is something that can happen automatically with some content management systems but should be stopped as soon as possible.

The title is almost always the hook of all your text, so not getting the most out of those few words is a very serious mistake. By repeating titles over and over again, you lose the opportunity to diversify our site and multiply traffic to it.

The same happens with the descriptions of the individual pages, they are repeated without being relevant, and they put nails in the grave of your website. This space must be written in a descriptive way, giving Internet users the reasons to visit your site above the rest.

Whether in titles or descriptions, try to be specific and persuasive simultaneously, keeping in mind that you will have to convince a potential client in the few seconds it will take them to read that section.

  1. Quit social media

Currently, one of the most powerful ways to grow a website, a product or a brand is through social networks. Social media complements our other optimization efforts and gives our content an extra boost.

There is a huge list of social networks, but it is enough to be active in one (or some) of the main ones, prioritizing the most used by our target audience.

Using networks correctly, we can easily promote new content, we will help generate traffic for our site, and little by little we will create a community of customers or regular visitors.

  1. Copy original content

It’s a shame, but plagiarism on the web happens. It seems that more and more people are interested in having good content for their site but hate the idea of creating it from scratch. What is your solution? Well, vile plagiarism, copying material letter by letter from another page. Nowadays, it is usual to see this situation, with sites that copy all the content without even a simple link to the original page.

The risk this poses to your SEO is critical. If Google detects this copy (and sooner or later it will), it can bury your page in the basement of the search results… or not index it at all.

So the ideal is to make an effort and create your own content, not only because you can attract new niches in the market but because copying is wrong at all levels, and it is a dangerous practice for your interests on the web.

If you are interested in something you saw on another page, there is always the option to request permission from the original author and place it on your website, with the relevant credits.

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