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Difference Between Facebook Ads and Boosting a Post:

This is one of the ways Facebook makes a lot of money. As a result, the page creator can obtain advertising revenue converted from the number of views of the page. By launching an ad, you can get statistics such as age, gender, and region and specify the range of readers on the page. You can also focus on more interesting information for your page subscribers, such as “cooking” or “gardening.” Like Google, Facebook can preset your ad budget so that page authors don’t spend a lot of money to promote their pages within days of launching the page. You can set your budget as you like, and Facebook will help you reach your advertising goals by displaying ads on the timeline of readers who are interested in your page.

  • Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads are paid promotional messages that businesses can create and display to Facebook users. Advertisers can create ads more efficiently such as target specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and more, in order to reach their ideal audience. Facebook ads can appear in various formats, including sponsored posts in users’ news feeds, display ads in the right-hand column, and video ads.

  • Boosting a Post:

Next, let’s take a look at the second function, “Boosting Post .”First, think of this boosted Post as something between regular Facebook posts and ads. Using a boosting post is as simple as selecting the Post you want to boost and pressing the “Promote” button next to the “Comment” or “Share” button. Once you boost a post, it’s considered a sponsored post and is limited to people or friends who like your Facebook page readers. People who like the page can individually set whether or not their friends can see the page.

If you use boost Post, you can post more photos than usual, and the number of characters in the text will increase. One of the advantages is that, unlike Facebook ads, you are less likely to make big mistakes.

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Comparison of Facebook Ads and Facebook boosting Post

Finally, I would like to take a look at the comparison between Facebook Advertising and Facebook boost Post, which is also the subject of this issue.

Both Facebook ads and boosting posts seem to work efficiently, taking advantage of them, but things change depending on the environment and purpose for which these features are used. If you don’t get that many likes on your regular posts right now, use Facebook ads to increase the number of likes and easily get the followers you want to target. If you currently get a certain number of likes on your regular posts and want to disseminate your own events, recommended information, etc., then Post boosting is a good choice.

Posting using Post boosting will increase the number of fans interested in your page and allow you to post and update your page efficiently. If you create your own page on Facebook, make the most of the two features for each purpose and use Facebook more efficiently. 

Three benefits of “Boosting posts.”

There are three advantages to using a “boosting post” for a campaign purpose.

  1. The number of “likes” and “shares” of posts can increase 

If you use “boosting post” to deliver ads, you can collect “likes” and “shares” for posts at a lower unit price than when you delivered ads for other campaign purposes.

This is because if you serve ads for the purpose of this campaign, you can deliver ads mainly to users who like and share well.

Is there anyone around you who just likes it?

“boosting a post” distributes advertisements centered on those people so that you can collect a lot of “likes” and “shares.”

Also, the fact that “likes” and “shares” are gathered in this way means that the posts will be diffused that much, which is also the reason why many people can see the posts.

  1. Many users can be gathered on the site

By delivering posts that everyone is interested in, many users like the posts and visit the site.

Of course, the number of users that can be collected on the site is smaller than that of the dedicated advertisement, but it is also possible to attract users who are interested in the posted content.

Not only can you spread your posts, but you can actually attract users to your site, which is one big advantage.

  1. You can create posts for advertisements

From the name “promote a post,” it’s easy to think that you can’t advertise unless it’s posted, but you can create a post for an ad.

Some people make the postings on the page uniform in order to make the users who like the Facebook page a fan (such as not posting any marketing posts). This feature is very useful.