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How important is using a CDN For Good SEO?

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CDNs are attracting attention these days for the purpose of reducing the ever-increasing load on web servers. However, few individuals are able to clearly describe what a CDN is and how to use it.

What is cdn in SEO? How do you behave?

A CDN stands for content delivery network. It is a network devised to deliver web content efficiently and speedily.

As the capacity of web material flows on the Internet, such as video distribution, the stress on the network continues to rise, in addition to the rapidly rising number of Internet users. It is not uncommon for the homepage to become undisplayable or for the content to be downloaded for a long time due to the concentration of access. Even if access is concentrated or the content becomes large, it is possible to prevent problems in displaying the homepage and distributing the content.

How does a CDN work?

Use “proxy server (cache server)” located all over the world.

If you don’t use a CDN, your web content will go directly to the server where it’s stored and downloaded. The “origin server” in a CDN is the machine where the original web content is stored.

CDNs, on the other hand, don’t just deliver web content to origin servers. Cache servers deliver web material on behalf of origin servers by making multiple copies of the original content they have gotten from them. Effective distribution of web material is accomplished by dividing the load on the origin server.

The fact that cache servers are spread out around the globe is another important feature of CDNs. Web content is delivered faster because it accesses a cache server that is closer to the network than the origin server.

Direct access to the proxy (cache) server with DNS settings

So why is it possible to deliver web content from a cache server instead of an origin server? It is the DNS settings that make this happen.

Normally, on a web server, etc., it is possible to access from the Internet by setting the A record of DNS as follows.

The benefits of using a CDN

Let’s see how cdn benefits in seo?

can lighten the burden on the network and server.

With a CDN, the origin server and the cache server that gets a copy of the web content from the origin server accept access. Therefore, it is possible to significantly reduce the load on the origin server and the network connected to the origin server.

May improve the server response.

By using a CDN, the load is efficiently distributed to cache servers located around the world on behalf of the origin server. As a result, the server’s response time can also increase.

A specific case suitable for using a CDN

This is the case where a high effect can be obtained using a CDN.

Speed up WordPress response.

There are increasing examples of using WordPress to operate a homepage. On the other hand, since WordPress puts a heavy load on the server, page display (response) is often slow. Visit to get Page speed optimization services.

The main reason for the heavy load on homepages created with WordPress is the “dynamic content” that generates HTML files (web pages) each time an access is received. On the other hand, content whose HTML files are stored on the server in advance is called “static content.”

By using a CDN, a copy of the HTML file is stored on the cache server, reducing the chances of repeated HTML file creation on the origin server. As a result, WordPress can lighten the load on the webpage and speed up the response.

Stable video distribution

Compared to HTML files and image files, video data has a much larger data capacity. Therefore, video distribution puts a heavy load on the server.

When the load on the server becomes heavy, even if you click the play button on the video, it will often take a long time to play, or even you will not be able to play it in the first place. As a result, it is not uncommon for users who have gathered together to give up watching videos and leave.

Therefore, stable video distribution will be possible by distributing the load on the origin server with video content on the CDN. The video will play smoothly, increasing visitors’ satisfaction with your site.

Operate a site that makes heavy use of libraries such as jQuery.

JavaScript writing is made simple with the jQuery library. jQuery is a collection of program descriptions often used in JavaScript and stored on the Internet. By extracting the program on jQuery from the Internet like a part and using it, writing JavaScript becomes easier and requires less time and effort. Besides jQuery, there are several libraries that make it easier to write programs.

And by utilizing CDN and storing the data of the library, such as jQuery, on the cache server, the load on the origin server is reduced. Since data will be downloaded from the cache server, which is close to the visitor’s terminal on the network, the speed of the homepage can be expected to improve.

In addition, some CDNs store the library on the cache server from the beginning, so there is no need to upload the library to your own server by using such a service.


Content network delivery is made to deliver web information more quickly. Using a CDN not only reduces the load on the web server but also speeds up the display of the homepage, making it easier for users to view the homepage. It is especially effective to use a CDN when operating a homepage using WordPress, which has a high load, or when distributing videos on a website.

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