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How To Do An SEO Competitor Analysis?

How To Do An SEO Competitor Analysis?

Even with an SEO plan in place, excellent content being produced, and technical SEO audits being carried out, there is no assurance that your material will receive the attention it merits, with 2 different of all clicks on Google going to the top five organic search results. Actually, 90% of websites receive no search traffic at all from Google! But if not you, then who is receiving that traffic? your SEO competitors.

The fact is that it will be challenging for you to appear in search results if your rivals are taking care of these things and just doing them better than you. 

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Know How To Do An SEO Competitor Analysis?

Your competition might be viewed in one of two ways: as a headache or as a valuable resource of knowledge with SEO competitor analysis. The organic research methodology must incorporate SEO competitive analysis in order to access this data mine. If you do it well, it will assist you in producing better, more targeted content, climbing search engine results pages, and bringing more relevant traffic to the website. We recommend you to understand Google Helpful Content Update.

How to do an SEO competitor analysis?

And first foremost, you need to be aware that your SEO competitors might not always be the same people as your direct competitors in the marketplace.

This suggests that, according to the topic, your SEO competitors will change.

The initial stage of competitor analysis is identifying search rivals that you may not have been aware of.

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The best approach for this first step is not to wave your hands around. You might consider automating this process using an enterprise SEO platform like Siteimprove SEO as you may be analyzing hundreds, if not thousands of web pages and terms with Competitive SEO analysis.


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Using Siteimprove SEO’s title contender metrics, such as “Browse competition” and “Top-ranking pages by term,” finding your most relevant competitors is simple. Depending on the terms you are tracking, use the data supplied by these abilities to learn more about the search competition for your top-performing pages. From here, you can keep a careful eye on your competitors, both well-known and up-and-coming, and find out how their content is affecting their search engine rankings.

Competitor content analysis for SEO:

  • Producing content
  • Creating content
  • After a sharp decline in ranking:
  • When a page’s performance in the SERPs stalls:
  • Whenever the SERPs have altered:


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SEO competitor keyword research

Each SEO strategy must include keywords as a key component. They assist you in maintaining your focus on your work and guarantee that your audience is aware that you have the information they need.

It’s crucial to understand how your rival firms are using these same keywords and the results they are seeing with their own strategies, even while keyword research can assist you identify the keywords you should utilize when developing your own content with SEO competitor research.


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This knowledge can be obtained by performing a competition keyword analysis. The keywords you use for Competitor analysis SEO should be pertinent to your industry and related to the existing material you produce. This analysis also identifies possibilities for high ROI when it wouldn’t be too tough to outrank a rival for a related term and provides you with insight into how challenging it will be to rank a competitor that is performing better than you in the SERPs.

Free SEO competitor analysis tools

Here are a few SEO analysis tools for competition analysis that are free to use:

Trends on Google. A service called Google Trends assists users in finding the most common Google searches across numerous geographic and language areas. Similar Web, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Siteliner, Vidiq, Moz, Buildwith, and many more.


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Step-by-step SEO competitor analysis guide:

Let’s get down to the particulars. The simple procedures for conducting a competitor analysis for SEO are as follows:

  • Determine your rivals
  • Do a page analysis
  • Concentrate on high ROI keywords
  • Develop and implement a content strategy.
  • Follow your development.

We advise that you read our SEO Competition Analysis guide from beginning to end if you’re serious about outperforming your rivals with Keyword analysis tools

Follow along at your own pace, and make sure to pay attention to the resources we’ve included links to because they’re as important.


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