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Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

common seo mistakes

Today we are going to talk about SEO mistakes because we all want to be on the first page of search engine results.

The dream of any website page seo consultant is to take their clients to a privileged position in Google or Bing, and yet, many continue to attack this and commit serious SEO mistakes.

There are common SEO errors or “vices” when performing optimization tasks on the content of a site, which can represent considerable risks not only for the ranking of the page but also for its stability and existence of the same.

So if you want to boost your website or online store and have the best Seo Services consultant, make sure it doesn’t have embarrassing errors like the following…

Common mistakes in SEO

  1. Overuse keywords

This sure mistake has been very common for many of you. You are starting with your personal website or that of your company or online business, and you decide that the best way to go up in the search engines is to cram with keywords because “this is what people are looking for”.

And while keywords are an extraordinary tool for SEO, you have to know how to use them correctly and without abusing them, as any SEO consultant would tell you.

The use of long-tail searches is essential:

For example, you must avoid generic keywords; there are millions of sites using them, so you will not see their fruits.

It is best to be specific and appeal to the attributes that distinguish you. It is better to use “gluten-free Italian cook” as a keyword rather than “Italian chef”.

Another flaw in this matter is unnecessary repetition. 

Keep the natural wording of the text, and use them when it is prudent and when it really deserves it.

  1. Not feeding off analytical tools

Search engines offer powerful instruments to measure the success of your seo page speed optimization and detect errors in the process. Surprisingly, many still do not use these tools, such as Google Analytics or the Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Configuring your website using these tools directs us immediately, and we avoid taking blind steps seeking to multiply the number of visitors. Harnessing this feedback is vital to succeeding on the web.

If you have tried but you cannot hit the nail on the head with analytics, remember that it is always better to have a professional in the field, so it is not too much to get a Seo Specialist and thus boost your local business.

  1. Repeat post titles and descriptions

It is not uncommon to see pages that have the same title in all of their entries (or in most of them). This is something that can happen automatically with some content management systems but should be stopped as soon as possible.

The title is almost always the hook of all your text, so not getting the most out of those few words is a very serious mistake. By repeating titles over and over again, you lose the opportunity to diversify our site and multiply traffic to it.

The same happens with the descriptions of the individual pages, they are repeated without being relevant, and they put nails in the grave of your website. This space must be written in a descriptive way, giving Internet users the reasons to visit your site above the rest.

Whether in titles or descriptions, try to be specific and persuasive simultaneously, keeping in mind that you will have to convince a potential client in the few seconds it will take them to read that section.

  1. Quit social media

Currently, one of the most powerful ways to grow a website, a product or a brand is through social networks. Social media complements our other optimization efforts and gives our content an extra boost.

There is a huge list of social networks, but it is enough to be active in one (or some) of the main ones, prioritizing the most used by our target audience.

Using networks correctly, we can easily promote new content, we will help generate traffic for our site, and little by little we will create a community of customers or regular visitors.

  1. Copy original content

It’s a shame, but plagiarism on the web happens. It seems that more and more people are interested in having good content for their site but hate the idea of creating it from scratch. What is your solution? Well, vile plagiarism, copying material letter by letter from another page. Nowadays, it is usual to see this situation, with sites that copy all the content without even a simple link to the original page.

The risk this poses to your SEO is critical. If Google detects this copy (and sooner or later it will), it can bury your page in the basement of the search results… or not index it at all.

So the ideal is to make an effort and create your own content, not only because you can attract new niches in the market but because copying is wrong at all levels, and it is a dangerous practice for your interests on the web.

If you are interested in something you saw on another page, there is always the option to request permission from the original author and place it on your website, with the relevant credits.

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What Is Google’s New SEO Update?

What Is Google's latest SEO Update?


An algorithm update is a new, more accurate and up-to-date system of how Google ranks search results. From small algorithm updates to large core algorithm updates, Google does this several times a year. The most important thing is the fact that “Google’s search results fluctuate” every time this algorithm update is done.

What is Google Core Update?

Google’s core update means that Google will review for the purpose of improving search results. Google’s search algorithm makes small improvements every day, but it also makes large-scale improvements about two to four times a year.

Every time such a large-scale update is made, the ranking changes according to the content of the improvement, so it can be said that those who work related to SEO, such as website page seo management, should pay attention.

How does the algorithm work in the first place?

Google uses a program called a crawler to collect information from a huge number of websites on the Internet and register it in its search database. Then, Seo Specialist rank the sites based on their own evaluation criteria in the database and display the sites in order from the top in the search results.

A program that ranks according to this evaluation standard is an “algorithm”. In order to eliminate such malicious sites from search results with higher accuracy, Google continues to update the core program of the algorithm regularly.

Why do rankings change with algorithm updates?

When algorithm updates are made, your site’s ranking may change due to the new evaluation criteria set by Google. As a result, the ranking of the site that was ranked high until now drops, and conversely, the ranking of the site that was ranked low until now rises, and the ranking of the search results changes.

The specifics of algorithm updates are often not disclosed in detail. However, by comparing the search rankings for each keyword before and after the update, it is possible to predict what kind of update was done to some extent.

If you haven’t done anything in particular and your site’s rating is dropping, it may be because your site’s content doesn’t match the algorithm’s new criteria as well as it used to.

Why Is Google Updating Algorithms?

Algorithm updates are carried out at a relatively high frequency of large-scale updates several times a year. This frequency is not only for the purpose of updating the evaluation criteria of the site but also for the convenience of users.

So why is algorithm updates happening so often?

Algorithm updates are meant to update the criteria for evaluating sites so that better content is consistently ranked higher for users, but that’s not all. Some sites are doing malicious SEO, such as black hat SEO and copying content in order to improve the search ranking.

Such sites not only hinder visitors from searching, but they may also be a stepping stone to more malicious sites such as SEO poisoning, so if left unattended, the damage may spread. Algorithm updates also play an important role in excluding sites with such malicious Seo Company from search results with higher accuracy.

One of the important roles of algorithm updates is to judge such sites more accurately and give penalties such as lowering the ranking.

To respond to diversifying search methods of users

One of the reasons why Google continuously updates its search algorithms is the diversification of search methods. Developed an algorithm that can more accurately understand the user’s search intent, which is changing from the conventional search method of simply entering a few KWs to sentence-type queries and even to voice search.

To avoid being ranked lower due to algorithm updates

Algorithm updates are rarely announced in advance, and even if there is a notification, the details of the update are not disclosed, so it is difficult to take measures in advance. However, at the time of the June 2019 update, there was a notice to the effect that a large update would be made, so there may be more updates with advance notice in the future.

Most importantly, build a site that doesn’t lose rankings even with algorithm updates.

Improve the quality of content in your pages

The most crucial factor is the page’s content quality. No matter how much SEO measures you take, if the quality of the content on the page is poor, you will not be able to get a high evaluation from the algorithm.

By keeping the quality of the content on your page high, you can prevent a significant drop in ratings even with algorithm updates.

Also, by creating high-quality content that spreads on social media, you can expect to get backlinks, and as a result, you will be more likely to rank higher in search results.

Rewriting pages that have fallen in rank

If you find a page whose search ranking has dropped or whose search traffic has decreased, it is recommended to rewrite that page.

However, just blindly rewriting the sentences will not give you a correct evaluation. It is important to rewrite content that is judged to be highly convenient for users, such as adding the latest accurate information or adding more specialized information.

In addition, if you update the date using the date time tag of the HTML tag when rewriting or updating the Word Press publication date and time to the latest, you can have the crawler recognize it as newer information.


It is not easy to take measures in advance against changes in search rankings due to algorithm updates. That’s why it’s important to have a proper awareness of “creating high-quality content” on a daily basis.

Rather than leaving the content on the site, it is important to rewrite it according to the update and add the latest information, update the content frequently, and provide users with highly reliable information. 

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Why Is SEO Important For Dentists?

Why Is SEO Important For Dentists?

Facebook Business Manager (5) (1)-min (1)

Marketing is on the digital path not only to e-commerce websites but also to in-store businesses. This change also affected the dental clinic. When it comes to SEO marketing for dentists, the first thing that comes to mind is that global rankings are a concern for well-known clinics with national or international branches, while clinics weren’t established long ago. It’s the local SEO that matters. If you’re thinking about what aspects to look for when considering local SEO for dentists, this blog will help you follow in their footsteps.

Undoubtedly, the dentist’s primary focus is on keeping a healthy smile on the patient’s face. But you can only do so if they have clues about the existence of your clinic, and that’s where SEO marketing for dentists works. At the moment, it’s not as easy to stand out in this competition for search engine optimization for dentists. Nevertheless, choosing a dental SEO service can increase your income by making the public aware of your clinic.

In today’s competitive scenario, dentists need to have a firm grasp of the tools and navigate and rank the entire digital cloud beyond the perspective of staying in a single place through online marketing. And your only hope for this is to sail on a search engine optimization boat for dentists.

Search engine optimization for dentists

Regardless of the nature of your business, seo services is an integral part of today’s digital marketing. Especially in areas where faith is the driving force, such as dental services, you can stand in the deep sea if you overlook the importance of SEO marketing to dentists. This is because all other dental companies are leveling themselves up by integrating search engine optimization techniques. And from the patient’s point of view, you can understand how important it is to be at the top of the search results.

The days when patients were discovering dentists on the Yellow Page are over. These days, individuals search for them online. In short, you need to think about SEO marketing for dentists.

When it comes to dental companies, SEO has two main conservative positive points:

  •        Brand Awareness:Search engine optimization promotes your business’s online presence before anyone looking for a dentist. This is the fundamental strategy for luring customers to your establishment.
  •        Gain a wider market base:Obtaining higher quality leads without paid ads is at the heart of all your business. This is exactly the SEO marketing method for dentists and is called “organic growth.”

When it comes to digital marketing, dental services are no different from other industrial sectors. Like many sectors, the healthcare sector must be comparable to SEO standards. To be able to outperform your competitors with high volumes of digital traffic, you need to stand out in SEO for dentists.

SEO marketing techniques for dentists can get exquisite results for your business when deployed on your website. It should also be noted that the percentage of tumors that tend to refer to the second and subsequent pages of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when searching for dental services is fairly low. 

Local SEO for dentists

local seo services drive more revenue and reduce over-budgeting for paid advertising campaigns. How? Obviously, the majority of dentist customers are attracted from nearby areas. This, in fact, is more relevant and indicates that an attempt is needed to establish the name of the clinic among the local audience. 

Advances in technology such as Google Maps and Locations allow you to track medical centers such as dental offices by simply typing “near dentist” or “dentist (at a specific location)” in the Google search box. This requires establishing a baseline for strategizing local seo for dentist.

Local SEO for dentists can organically refresh their income. Needless to say, if you want to stay in a search engine optimization game for dentists for a long time, this is the best choice. Permanently expand reach, audience base, and conversions. Remember that investing in dental SEO services won’t burn your money, it will pay off with quality leads/conversions. This means that every penny you spend has a brighter chance of reaching directly to an individual who has both the need and demand for dental services. 

The more your dental services are listed on the online shelves, the more people will know about you. Also, the revenue generated by local SEO for dentists is not only limited to conversions but also builds a credible image of the clinic’s name in the eyes of the customer. And all credits apply to local SEO techniques for dentists, such as listing Google Business Profiles, collecting reviews, and chat-enabled CTA. 

 All of these are simple techniques, but they have the power to bring cutting-edge results to any business, not to mention basic and highly needed dental services. Today, most websites also use an advanced auto-reply mechanism to help potential customers visit their websites without needing them.


Professional SEO knowledge and experience have the power to revolutionize SEO games for dentists. And because it comes from a completely different professional background, like the medical side, it’s certainly difficult to take the time to analyze SEO details. That’s why seo services for dental practice are a reliable option. So hurry up and contact us before your future patient chooses a clinic other than yours for your next appointment.

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How important is using a CDN For Good SEO

How important is using a CDN For Good SEO?


CDNs are attracting attention these days for the purpose of reducing the ever-increasing load on web servers. However, few individuals are able to clearly describe what a CDN is and how to use it.

What is cdn in seo? How do you behave?

A CDN stands for content delivery network. It is a network devised to deliver web content efficiently and speedily.

As the capacity of web material flows on the Internet, such as video distribution, the stress on the network continues to rise, in addition to the rapidly rising number of Internet users. It is not uncommon for the homepage to become undisplayable or for the content to be downloaded for a long time due to the concentration of access. Even if access is concentrated or the content becomes large, it is possible to prevent problems in displaying the homepage and distributing the content.

How does a CDN work?

Use “proxy server (cache server)” located all over the world.

If you don’t use a CDN, your web content will go directly to the server where it’s stored and downloaded. The “origin server” in a CDN is the machine where the original web content is stored.

CDNs, on the other hand, don’t just deliver web content to origin servers. Cache servers deliver web material on behalf of origin servers by making multiple copies of the original content they have gotten from them. Effective distribution of web material is accomplished by dividing the load on the origin server.

The fact that cache servers are spread out around the globe is another important feature of CDNs. Web content is delivered faster because it accesses a cache server that is closer to the network than the origin server.

Direct access to the proxy (cache) server with DNS settings

So why is it possible to deliver web content from a cache server instead of an origin server? It is the DNS settings that make this happen.

Normally, on a web server, etc., it is possible to access from the Internet by setting the A record of DNS as follows.

The benefits of using a CDN

Let’s see how cdn benefits in seo?

can lighten the burden on the network and server.

With a CDN, the origin server and the cache server that gets a copy of the web content from the origin server accept access. Therefore, it is possible to significantly reduce the load on the origin server and the network connected to the origin server.

May improve the server response.

By using a CDN, the load is efficiently distributed to cache servers located around the world on behalf of the origin server. As a result, the server’s response time can also increase.

A specific case suitable for using a CDN

This is the case where a high effect can be obtained using a CDN.

Speed up WordPress response.

There are increasing examples of using WordPress to operate a homepage. On the other hand, since WordPress puts a heavy load on the server, page display (response) is often slow.

The main reason for the heavy load on homepages created with WordPress is the “dynamic content” that generates HTML files (web pages) each time an access is received. On the other hand, content whose HTML files are stored on the server in advance is called “static content.”

By using a CDN, a copy of the HTML file is stored on the cache server, reducing the chances of repeated HTML file creation on the origin server. As a result, WordPress can lighten the load on the webpage and speed up the response.

Stable video distribution

Compared to HTML files and image files, video data has a much larger data capacity. Therefore, video distribution puts a heavy load on the server.

When the load on the server becomes heavy, even if you click the play button on the video, it will often take a long time to play, or even you will not be able to play it in the first place. As a result, it is not uncommon for users who have gathered together to give up watching videos and leave.

Therefore, stable video distribution will be possible by distributing the load on the origin server with video content on the CDN. The video will play smoothly, increasing visitors’ satisfaction with your site.

Operate a site that makes heavy use of libraries such as jQuery.

JavaScript writing is made simple with the jQuery library. jQuery is a collection of program descriptions often used in JavaScript and stored on the Internet. By extracting the program on jQuery from the Internet like a part and using it, writing JavaScript becomes easier and requires less time and effort. Besides jQuery, there are several libraries that make it easier to write programs.

And by utilizing CDN and storing the data of the library, such as jQuery, on the cache server, the load on the origin server is reduced. Since data will be downloaded from the cache server, which is close to the visitor’s terminal on the network, the speed of the homepage can be expected to improve.

In addition, some CDNs store the library on the cache server from the beginning, so there is no need to upload the library to your own server by using such a service.


content network delivery is made to deliver web information more quickly. Using a CDN not only reduces the load on the web server but also speeds up the display of the homepage, making it easier for users to view the homepage. It is especially effective to use a CDN when operating a homepage using WordPress, which has a high load, or when distributing videos on a website.

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What are the benefits of Dental SEO?

What are the benefits of Dental SEO?


SEO is highly effective for dentists

If you make a mistake in the timing and make an uninteresting promotion while walking, you will only get smoked. Community-based businesses, regardless of dentistry, cannot be rebuilt if the community dislikes them.

On the other hand, there’s a reason why seo services produce conversion rates that are incomparable to other advertising media. The reason is that prospective patients who are interested in various things related to dental treatment enter keywords related to “what they want to know” and “visit the site themselves” via a search engine.

It’s like a search patient raising his hand to “interest” in your dentist’s office or dental care. On the contrary, anyone knows that selling goods and services to prospective customers who are “interested” will increase the contract rate.

Purpose of dentist to perform SEO

For dentists, the purpose of working on local seo services is to grow the management of the dental clinic through search engines. The more search patients you have on your website, the more patients you visit, and if SEO is done well, your sales will definitely increase by order of magnitude.

SEO can also be used to hire quality dental hygienists and working doctors who are heading in the same direction without having to spend a lot of money on ineffective classified ads.

And unlike web advertising, which is already unprofitably expensive, SEO doesn’t cost you to get access from search patients. On the contrary, for dentists, SEO measures are different from WEB advertising, and it is possible to connect a large number of high-quality search patients to the clinic.

Benefits of Dental SEO:

Increasing the number of patients in your hospital due to new patient collection

If you operate the homepage at the dental clinic, you can expect to collect and increase the number of new patients. Practitioner doctors can take many resources daily for patient examinations, management decisions, study sessions, and so on. If you are busy, you may not be able to devote time to promoting activities to collect and increase the number of patients.

If you operate a homepage, it will always operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, instead of so-called sales staff and advertising towers. As a result, seo for dental will lead to an increase in the visit rate of new patients and an increase in awareness of the community.

Relieving anxiety of new patients

Some patients who come to your hospital for the first time feel uneasy because they do not understand the hospital’s atmosphere, treatment details, and consultation time.

“What kind of atmosphere is the dental clinic?”

“Can you receive appropriate medical treatment?”

“When are the consultation hours and holidays?”

The key to increasing the visit rate is carefully resolving these slight anxieties. If the information that the patient wants to know is properly posted on your homepage and you like the design, the probability of visiting the hospital will surely increase.

Reduce the operation of responding to inquiries and the loss of chances to visit the hospital

Telephone inquiries increase during busy seasons and busy hours. You are grateful for a large number of inquiries, but receiving multiple calls at the same time may lead to a decrease in the satisfaction of patients who are unable to respond immediately and are kept waiting.

If you are a new patient, you may go to another dental clinic just because you cannot connect to the phone. Consequently, it is crucial to use your homepage (WEB site). 

By summarizing the questions that patients frequently inquire about on your homepage (website), you can reduce the operation of responding to inquiries and reduce the loss of chances for new patients to visit the hospital.

In addition, if the number of inquiries can be reduced, it will reduce the burden on your hospital staff, which handles patients = and cost reduction. This is an indispensable measure to prevent employees from leaving their jobs early.

It can be used for recruiting medical staff and clerical staff

Other people than just patients look at your homepage. Medical staff and medical office staff living in the area will also be browsed.

Suppose information such as the hospital atmosphere, the examination content, and the examination time is posted. In that case, it can be used for recruiting activities of new staff who actually want to work at your hospital.

Your branding

Continuing to provide information that is easy to see, beautiful, and helpful will lead to your branding.

Once branding is established by best seo marketing for dental hospital, it will be recognized, and its value as a dental clinic will increase, so it is expected that many patients from inside and outside the region will come to the clinic with your nomination.

In addition, employees will become more attached to their own hospital, reducing the turnover rate and leading to the continued securing of excellent human resources. Establishing branding leads to good and continuous hospital management.

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