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English Copywriting and Proofreading Services

The overall impression is the key factor in the quality of your text – and we help you with this by offering english copywriting services and proofreading services. You choose the type of service you want based on your needs.

IosAndWeb boasts a high degree of professionalism in the composition of texts in English and in the correction, revision, and editorial care of texts in English; authors and publishers are guaranteed precise and reliable content writing services and proofreading services. The proposed editing and correction service provides for both the revision and the standardization of the texts according to the editorial rules of the publishing house in order to improve the contents and readability.

What are you waiting for? Discover our website content services.

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    Explore our Copywriting and Proofreading Services

    Web and copywriting

    It may seem trivial, but writing for the web is different and requires specific preparation and experience. The text constitutes a fundamental element of the web interface, performing together with the visual moment an important function of supporting the usability of a site and the ease with which surfers can use its contents.

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    The copy and web writers of IosAndWeb create quality content, making a difference in your company’s presence on the web and on the market. Our web writers help create the site environment. Making it pleasant and welcoming, they offer the visitor not only the opportunity to stop but also the pleasure of returning by concretely increasing the chances that a simple click will turn into a business opportunity.

    To offer you high-quality seo friendly content writing, we take care of:

    • choose phrases and keywords to insert in the meta tags and text
    • write short, concise, and clear texts
    • format and edit the text
    • integrate/enrich the text with infographics, bullets, colors, etc.
    • provide support advice for the graphic part
    • create the textual interface (buttons, menus, links).

    In the case of other media (TV, radio, billboards, press), our copy can modulate the message by changing style and rhythm according to the expressive medium used and the final target. They combine creativity, experience, and good taste with an excellent cultural background. Elements that, together with competitive costs, represent the key to the success of your advertising campaign.  

    Do not hesitate to contact IosAndWeb for more information or if you have any questions about our copywriting services.

    Proofreading- Years of experience in this sector allows us to offer an excellent quality service for the creation of a perfect product from a formal point of view and characterized by a highly effective graphic balance.

    The proofreading activity carried out by our professionals will be aimed at revising already written texts in order to correct spelling and typographical errors such as classic typos. It is an editorial service available for copywriters, writers, journalists, and publishing houses.

    Specifically, we deal with:

    • review and correct the proofs of any type of text, from the manuscript to the blueprint
    • insert the correct texts on paper and/or in text files
    • review, correct and/or rewrite translations
    • review, correct, and, if necessary, optimize texts to and from websites.

     The proofreader will professionally read and reread the manuscript in a scrupulous search for spelling, grammatical, syntactic, and semantic errors, and morphological and lexical errors. If requested, the proofreading service will also carry out the stylistic revision of the texts.

     Contact our copywriting expert for a real estimate of spending based on timing and quantity.

    How do we work on texts?

    1. Obtain information from the client– We complete a summary, receive and analyze referral information, define the client’s goals and objectives, and create a picture of the target audience.

    Stage result: a complete understanding of who the text is written for and how it should be written.

    1. Analysis of the available texts and the competitive landscape

    As part of seo content writing, we examine competitors and text activity in the top 20 search results to identify the most common errors in the current text.

    Stage result: Formed Content Creation Strategy.

    1. Writing texts- Our content writing specialistcreates test scripts and selects a larger group of copywriters to work on additional script support for your project.

    Stage result: powerful content that can drive sales.

    1. Text editing and proofreading –At this stage, we work to the line in the text to the informative style, maximizing the originality of the text and checking for errors in it.

    Stage result: a good text that meets all prerequisites and contains no errors.

    1. Coordinating and reporting– We send the text to the client for approval, make any corrections and polish the material to perfection.

    Stage result: High-quality text that you, your customers, and search engines will love. The list of key stages can be expanded at the customer’s request. For example, if you need to set up semantic core and SEO queries for your text, if you need to put finished text on your website or on a reputable external site, if you need to set up custom illustrations, etc., we will help you!

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    Convince yourself of the result and rely on our reviewers’ many years of experience. Please contact us for technical content writing services and receive a quick and accurate review of your project. 

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    Thanks to IosAndWeb team for Swiss Swaps. You guys managed a lot of functions that I thought weren’t quite possible. The best thing I liked is that you guys never stopped until I was satisfied with the product.

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    I have tried several different website developers for our Legacy Alpha site and the service we received from losAndWeb Technology was more specific, accurate and timely than any we have gotten from other service.

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    losAndWeb Technologies is well versed and extremely professional. They are committed to excellence. The company is well spoken, eager to please and super responsive. First class! Highly recommended

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