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Off-Page SEO Services

Making efforts to bring your brand/website on the top and putting all your efforts and soul in the content? You are lacking in off-page SEO, which may be the offender. 

You must know that SEO is of two types i.e. On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. 

Off-page SEO refers to the measures taken outside the website to enhance the ranking of the website on search engines. 

Why is off-page SEO important? 

Many off-page SEO factors are taken into account by Google while thinking and deciding the ranking of the web pages. Links are also one of the main factors of SEO. Only with the great content, you can not come on the top of the search engines. 

Link-related Off-page factors

The most critical and important part of off-page SEO is backlinks. PageRank is a Google algorithm on which the Google search is built. This algorithm checks and measures the quality and quantity of the backlinks indicating a web page. PageRank is an antiquated concept, some SEO experts think like that. But Google has approved that it is a great ranking factor. Off-page SEO factors: 

Developing more backlinks from the unique and referring domains leads to higher ranking and generates organic traffic to the website. You can also check your website’s backlinks count from free backlink checker tools on Google. While developing backlinks, your aim shouldn’t be to develop more backlinks. It should be to develop the backlinks directly to the webpage for you want ranking.

How the PageRank works, this fact will show you. Quality of the link building matters because not all links are equal. If the authority of your linking page is higher then that webpage will transfer the authority to the pages to which it links. A high-authority page gives more value to a backlink rather than a low authority page.

No follow links don’t help much in increasing the page ranking of the website. So it is always advised to keep focus on creating do follow links. Because dofollow links will help to increase your page ranking. Most companies use inbound links but some websites like Forbes use nofollow outbound links. So this makes you understand that if you are actively building links from a specific website, make sure that website follows outbound links. Install no follow chrome extension that will highlight all no follow links on the website.

Anchor text is used to connect one website page with another website’s page. These are the clickable words on the webpage. In other words, we can say that through anchor texts we can do backlinking according to related topics of our website. Using anchor texts and backlinking helps to improve your ranking. 

In case you are using white hat method for building links you won’t be able to control your anchors of the links that you are earning.