Do You Know?

Sridhar Vembu

He is an Indian billionaire business magnate and the founder and CEO of                              Corporation.

"Sreedhar Vembu hails from a middle class family in Tamil Nadu.

"He then earned his engg. degree from Princeton University.

"Then, he started working for Qualcomm (San Diego) in 1994 after receiving his Ph.D.

"After Working for 2 years, he started his venture in Chennai with small apartment that is ZOHO.

"In 2002 Zoho Caught only 3 Clients out of 150.

"Reason for succeeding in initial time was not used any external funding.

"IImplying Competitive strategy ZOHO become the first option for many business at affordable cost.

"Rather than Focus on Foreign Expertise He appoint Indian talent who drop their studies due to financial instability.